Making Money With Information Products

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Resell Rights

Making Money With Resell Rights Products.

If you are seriously considering making money online, then you
will do far worse than to seriously consider selling information products as you first choice.

By information products, I am of course refering to downloadable products like ebooks or software products. As a matter of fact any product that can be instantly downloaded by your customer after purchase. Statistics have to date proven that when it comes to 'online business' or 'work from home' ventures, information products by far outsell all other online businesses.

The over-riding factor for this is of course the facts:-

  1. Overheads are kept to a minimum.
  2. There are no stock holdings as such.
  3. All transactions are done online.
  4. Your customers do not have to wait for their products to
    arrive in the post.

As a matter of fact, making money online has never been easier as it is today with the new generation and collection of 'Master Resell Rights' eBooks and information products.

There are three basic types of Resell Rights as follows:
Resell Rights, Master Resell Rights & Private Label Rights (PLR) Explained

1. Ordinary Resell Rights or RR:

Here the purchaser of this right is granted permission to resell the product and keep 100% of the retail value. They may not however pass on the Rights to Resell to their buyers. The owner of the rights may sometimes set a recommended retail price which is discretionary. He may also impose some restrictions regarding the resale of his products.

You must of course make sure you pay particular attention to the restrictions imposed by the owners of the original product.

Sometimes a full functional sales pages or letters as well as
websites are included in the deal.

2. Master Resell Rights or MRR:
Master Resell Rights grants the purchaser the right to sell not only the product itself, but also the Right to Resell. In other words, you may sell the products to your customers who may in turn resell and so on.

Again the original authors' rules and ristrictions should be followed to the letter as these set out conditions that may apply to the granting of these rights.

Private Label Rights or PLR:
Of all three rights, this is by far the best of all the rights.
The purchaser of this is granted permission not only to sell the rights and master resell rights, but also in most case to claim authorship of the original works. In other words they may claim full ownership of the written products or software.

The income potential of this is of course emense and endless.
Product could be broken down in parts and sold seperately, or given as a promotional item, or even included in a members' only site where members pay a monthly fee to access and read it's contents.

Private label rights is the nearest thing to having your own product and incidentally, the cost of most PLR products has dropped dramatically, making them not only more affordable, but also the natural choice for online businesses and making money projects. With all three types, you keep 100% of the profit when you sell.

Most veterans of online businesses have been quick to recognise resell rights as the number one surefire way of making money online. The main difference over affiliate products is the fact that you process your own orders and handle your own customer service. However this is a small price when you consider that you are in full control of your products and sales as well as orders, as well as keeping100% of your earnings.

Types of Resell Right products:

This could be anything from niche ebooks
to topics like raising earth worms. You will find a wide selection of niche eBooks with various rights as well as software and even graphics
related items

at Most packages come complete with sales letters and graphics and even websites, making set up child's play.

How to purchase Resell rights:
The most cost effective way is to purchase a package bundle. Usually a bundle will consist of a good start up collecting for your new online business. On the other hand you may choose to purchase individual ebooks over a period of time in order to build up your personal library.

Remember, whichever way you choose to source your products,
Resell Rights offer a great way of starting your own info products
and software business. There has never been an easier way or time for anyone starting an online business as with selling their "own" info-products online.

Joe Pernell

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