Make Money Online With Adwords!

Author: Tim Grice

The high prices of clicks on adwords at the moment but the truth is it is still one of the best ways to get laser targeted traffic to your sit or product and ultimately get you to make money online.

I dont know whether your a beginner or an adwords pro reading this but I want to share some simple tips with regards to adwords and increasing the profitability of your campaigns. After reading and applying these stratergies you should not have an issue with adwords and be able to earn money online.

- Make sure all you keywords are placed in a seperate ad group and use the keyword in your ad. Even use it in the diplay URL. This all increases the relevance of your ad and will in turn create cheaper clicks!

- Use googles keyword tool to find keywords related to your product or site,but only choose the ones that are most relevant.

- Ensure you track your keywords, you do this by attaching an html code to your site or i you are promoting an affiliate site ask the webmaster to kindly place it on theirs. This is something most online marketers will not do, but if you dont how are you going to know which keywords do the converting and ultimately help you to earn easy money online? If you promote click bank products the publishers are very helpful in this are and will assist you in any request. After all it means more money for them right?

- If your ads are not bringing in a pofit add 'buy now' to the end of the ad, that way the only people to click through will be people who are prepared to buy.

If you are a clickbank affilite marketer you also need to know how to pick the right product, so I just want to give you a few hints and tips on how to do this.

- Check the gravity level of the paticular product you want to promote. This is the level of affiliates that are currently earning with this product. If it is above 60 leave it alone. Too much competition will reduce your sales, I always try to keep it between 10 - 30 as a rule and will rarely go out side this.

- People on the internet today are aware of the damage internet fraud can do, so ensure the site you pick to promote has a privacy policy. If it does not people are less inclined to buy.

- Last but not least you must must must ensure the product has a money back guarantee. The longr te better as this can mae the difference between a sale and a wasted click.

If you stick by these rules and constantly monitor and tweak your campaigns you will start seeing profits within the first two weeks. Rememebr internet marketing is a game of patience and persistence, your not going to see results in the first day (unless your lucky), but you will I promise.

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