The Essentials of Blog Posting

Author: Liane Bate

Blogging has probably been the most fun internet marketing activity I've undertaken in my online business. I love to write, and reach out to my website visitors with new information, news, reports, opinions, or articles that I've created that expose a little of my personality and give my readers something they want to hear. Not only is it fun, but it's free, profitable, and generates hoards of traffic to your site, provided that you make quality posts with quality content and know how to market your blog. There are good ways and bad ways to blog, so here are a few essential things to keep in mind when making your blog posts:

First you have to write something that people will be interested in reading, and reading regularly. Posting your articles to your blog is the best way to get quality content on your blog, but it's also good to write about your own personal experiences and opinions. Your articles should be at least 500 words, and your personal comments can be shorter, but still containing quality content. You don't want to post just one fantastic article packed with content, you want to post many, and try to make a blog post every day, every other day, or even weekly so that your readers know that your blog is fresh and updated regularly. The first few months that your blog is launched are critical months when you want to attract a readership and give them enough that they bookmark your site to come back to it frequently. Giving your blog a domain name that's easy for them to remember and represents your content with good keywords is also a good idea.

There's another thing you can do with your original articles to gain exposure to your blog, and that is submitting them to a blog carnival. This means submitting them to a site that features and summarizes maybe 5 quality articles on a specific topic. Other blogs will link back to this carnival host, giving you more quality traffic. Also, when you make a blog post, you can link to other people's blog articles, which leaves an entry on their post to your post. It may attract other bloggers to you, who may in turn link back to your posts. A good article directory to submit your articles to maybe once a week is Ezine Articles.

Once you have a blog, you want to expose it to the right audience. A good way to do this is by making comments on other people's blogs whose content is related to your content. If you randomly post comments all over the place on blogs unrelated to what your site is about, then you won't generate the kind of traffic you want. Stick to your niche, and you will get readers from that niche wanting to click on your blog link at the end of your comments. It's also a good idea to encourage people to make comments on your blog posts, and to reply to these comments to keep a conversation going. The more comments that are left on your blog, the more other people visiting your blog will realize you have something important and valuable to say, and they will want to read it to find out what all the buzz is about.

I have also joined a blog traffic exchange to get traffic to my blog, but you can also submit your blog to different blog directory sites, such as Blog Top Sites. This site allows you to add a small bit of HTML code to your blog so it can be rated in a particular category and will help get you more traffic and better ratings. If you remember to not only create quality content for your blogs, but also market your blog effectively by commenting, linking, and submitting regularly to the right places, you will be on your way to having a popular and well-visited blog!


How to create a Highly Profitable Blog

Author: Ashley McAllister

Most people these days are getting into the internet craze about blogging, MySpace, face book, YouTube, you name it! The internet is the best place to market things these days because there are is a huge amount of people that access the internet daily today. If only most of the people that use those sites new that they were actually capable of making money from them.

For instance, let’s talk about blogging as I feel it can be the most profitable. Some people have a blog and jot down their feelings for the day in it. Well, if you were to consistently talk about a certain subject that you thought would interest others to then you would definitely be on the right path to setting up a successful blog to make money off of.

Updating your blog everyday is crucial to make sure that it stays unique and fresh especially to get ranked well in the search engines. Now, when you get a whole bunch of blogs going at one time then you most likely you won’t have the time to update them everyday as this can get hectic. Just as long as you are updating your blog at least twice a week then you should be fine.

Whenever you update your blog you are going to want to ping it to let the search engines know that you have updated your blog. The two pinging sites that I find to be helpful are Pingoat and Pingomatic. You don’t have to use both if you don’t want to, but for some reason I feel like I get more exposure that way.

Now that we got the updating and pinging part out of the way we can now talk about the fun part. Don’t think for one minute that updating your blog is enough to get people to visit your blog. Sure you will get some traffic, but why not direct thousands of people to it to get more exposure. The best way to market your blog is with articles. Just write a short little article, almost like how you put new posts. After you are done writing submit your article to a whole bunch of article directory sites that way you can get a lot of exposure.

So, now you have a good blueprint on how to get you started to make some money. Don’t forget to add your affiliate links of relative products that you could recommend to your readers to get a lot of money from.


The Power of One Blog

Author: Ashley McAllister

Blogs have really taken up the internet in much storm lately especially in the internet marketing world. A blog is a website that is usually hosted by a site. With a blog you can pretty much set it up however you want it to look and write about whatever you want to write about. Most of the time blogs are used to gather information and answers about things that we tend to get curious about. Without many blogs that are out their today, we wouldn’t be able to find the information that we are looking for.

Blogs tend to share many opinions of people and that is what makes a blog so interesting. You can really kind of trust the answers you find in blogs these days because it shares many experiences people have had with the information they are explaining about. In today’s world, many people are able to profit from their blogs quite well for giving out there useful information.

A good site that you can trust when setting up a blog is through blogger. This site is owned by Google so right off the bat it won’t be hard for you to get ranked in the search engines and it is totally free to set up. When you are setting up your blogger blog you won’t ever have to worry about learning the html you would have to know in order to set up a regular website. Blogger has a drag and drop screen where you can design and rearrange your blog. There are also a ton of templates which you can choose from as well.

Like I was saying earlier you can pretty much find a blog on just about anything these days. Most blogs are written accordingly to a certain niche topic. You can do this by, doing a search on different things that people are interested in and write information about it. When narrowing your blog down to one subject it is a lot easier for someone to profit off of it. When choosing your niche, you will also have to choose the keywords that go along with it as well. This is mainly due to search engine specifications and getting ranked well.

One very important tip that you can keep in mind when you start a blog is to always update it almost everyday. When you are ranked in the search engines you want to keep it their and the way to do that is by always updating your blog with new information. Search engines love to see fresh content everyday that they can feed the searchers. Once you have all of your content and everything all set up then you can start to add your affiliate links to make sales off of and add Google adsense to make money whenever someone clicks on the Google ads on your Blog.

So, here are a few ways in which you can make a very good income from blogging. Hopefully after reading this article you are more confident on how to start up a blogging empire now.

How to Increase your Blog Readership


Blogs are an integral part of Web 2.0. Companies who were once skeptical about the effectiveness of web 2.0 are quickly acknowledging the value of blogging on the internet.

While setting up a blog is relatively easy, many companies struggle with ideas on how to make their blogs grow.

Here are three simple steps that will help you increase your blog readership:

Post regularly - Post unique
Giving your readers new and interesting content to read everyday is the best way to convert occasional visitors into regulars. Though simple in word, it's not so simple to make the commitment. You must get into a regular pattern of writing unique content and posting it regularly.

Ideally, your blog should have at least three posts a week, if not more. Don’t make the mistake of posting three on one day and then none the next week. Most visitors will skim for new content and then move on. They don’t have time to determine if you've posted new content. You either did or you didn't.

With the explosion of existing blogs and new ones being created everyday, readers have an endless selection of articles to choose from. If you don’t stand out from the crowd, your viewers will go elsewhere. Keep your readership growing by giving them content they are unlikely to find anywhere else. Breaking news prior to a major release will lead to more readers, more comments, and more links to your blog.

Encourage comments - Discourage abuse
While comments are a core blog feature, it is important to carefully consider what your company policy is concerning comments. Allowing comments to be posted un-moderated can generate increased participation but it could also lead to increased chances of offensive remarks and spam comments.

The best way to balance the interaction with your readers with the need to have control over comments is to add a verification tool such as CAPTCHA.

If you choose to moderate comments, make sure you have the resources to regularly approve comments, or note, in a timely manner. Readers hate to be kept waiting and will lose interest and if it takes too long for them to be heard.

Acknowledge Comments - Reply to those who comment

If your reader has taken the time to leave a comment on your post, it is common courtesy to reply, especially to questions. If several comments drift around a single topic, address them all in a single reply.

Starting a blog is easy. Maintaining a blog is much harder. Take the time to develop a complete blog policy and structure before starting. Make sure you can dedicated the time to both posting regular content and for replying to comments.

Making Money With Blogs

Author: Ashley McAllister

These days there are many people finding out exactly what kind of power a blog can hold. There are many people out there quitting their day jobs to take on the blogging career. While blogging can make a large income on the web, how come not too many people know exactly how to do it? Well, it is one of the best kept money making secrets on the web today and I am going to let you in on a little hint on how to make some money,

Blogging is a completely free thing to get started doing. You don’t have to pay for hosting and you don’t have to worry about it never being found in the search engines. Did you know that blogs are highly rated to Google, yahoo and the other popular search engines? You have a better chance getting ranked well from a blog rather then creating a website from scratch.

Here are a few tips that you can use to get started on making money from blogging. After you are done reading through this, you should get started immediately so you can see the true power a blog can really have.

-Choose a Niche

When you first start a blog you have to figure what exactly you will want to be talking about. For your first blog, I recommend that you choose a niche that you know about that way you have no problems writing a few posts about it. Also, once you choose your niche make sure to do a search for popular keywords that are being search for that pertain to your niche. You will use these keywords throughout your blog.

Go over to click bank next and find a product that matches your niche. Once you do make a link for it and then start putting that link in your blog posts.-Content in Your BlogGo over to click bank next and find a product that matches your niche. Once you do make a link for it and then start putting that link in your blog posts.

-Content in Your Blog

When you set up your blog and you know what you will be talking about make a post about it. It is best to post immediately after you create a blog because it lets the search engines know that you will be posting for real and will not be using that blog for spam. Also, you need to post regularly in order to keep your blogs content fresh.


After you are done adding some content your blog is know ready to get traffic. You can do this by writing articles, social bookmarking, link building, forums and many more.

There you know have the top 3 tips to get your blog working to make money for your online business. Motivation is key and you should get started immediately in order to get results quickly.