Earning a High Income With Adsense - Build Multiple Adsense Websites

Author: Michael Jones Jr.

If you have been thinking about building a website to make money with Adsense, you might be concerned about the relatively small amount of money that each Adsense click will put in your pocket. You may also be concerned about getting the volume of traffic you will need to make a substantial income from Adsense. While a few people are able to generate a high amount of revenue with just one website, many others build multiple Adsense websites in order to make the kind of full time income they want from Adsense.

By building multiple websites, you greatly increase your chances of being able to make the kind of money that will allow you to live off of your online efforts. Here are a few of the reasons why it is a good idea to build multiple Adsense websites.

First, when you build multiple Adsense websites, you are able to reach diverse internet populations. Different types of people have different buying habits, and respond to different types of ads. If you create a number of websites on different topics, you can tap into several types of buying groups, and use the targeted Adsense ads to show them websites that cater to their different purchasing needs.

For example, people who read websites about public speaking are most likely looking for informational products – courses on how to get started as a public speaker, coaching sessions, etc. Conversely, people who search for websites about vacuum cleaners are likely looking for tangible products – specifically, vacuum cleaners and accessories. If you build a website for each, you will be able to tap into the specific needs of both markets with your Adsense ads, and will get a high click through rate on both websites.

Another reason to build multiple Adsense websites is because you can link between sites that are at least tangentially related. If you have a website about public speaking and a website about developing leadership skills, you would want to link between these sites, because the topics are related. This gives a visitor two chances to click on your Adsense ads, instead of just one chance. Of course, the visitor might be interested in products advertised on both sites – if he or she clicks on Adsense ads on both sites, that means even more money in your pocket.

The third and most important reason you should build multiple Adsense websites is because even though it is difficult to build a high volume of traffic to just one site, it is much easier to drive the same amount of traffic to multiple sites.

For example, let's say you need 10,000 visitors per month to build a monthly Adsense income of $1,000. It would probably take you months or even years to be able to drive 10,000 visitors to a single website each month.

But if you had a dozen Adsense websites, you would only need to drive a little over 800 visitors per month to each site to reach your income goal. This volume of traffic can be achieved in a much shorter period of time, so you will reach your income goal much faster.

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