Make Money Online With Adsense

Author: David Meisel

The Internet is filled with so many opportunities to make money.
Starting a business online is far the easier than most off-line businesses as you can start seeing results within days if not minutes. An off-line business can take months or even years to see results.
If you do your homework properly, an Internet business can be very cheap to start and keep running.

So why not try Google Adsense?

What is Google Adsense?

On many Websites and Blogs you will see small adverts on the sides of the pages and sometimes within the content of the page. Google often sponsors these ads. The ads are normally relevant to what the website is about and every time a person clicks on one of them, the owner of the website or blog is then paid by Google.

How does one get started with Google Adsense?

· Firstly you need to open a Google Adsense Account at:
· If you already have a website or blog you can simply insert the html code that you get from you Adsense Account after choosing the preferred look of your ads and then start earning as soon as someone clicks on your ads.
· If you don't have a website or blog, then start one. A blog is the easiest way to get started.
· Two very popular Blogging platforms are and and they are free!

What content should I have in my Blog?

· Write about your hobbies and interests, you can even write about you life.

· If you feel you're not the worlds' greatest author and don't feel like writing, then you can get free content to put into your blog.

· A good source of free articles on just about any topic is

· Once you've added the content to your blog, insert the html code from your Adsense Account for your Google ads, and then start getting visitors to your blog.

How do I get visitors to my blog?

· The more often you create new posts in your blog, the more traffic you will receive. 3 to 4 posts a week normally works well.

· Another good source of traffic is the Blog Directories. There are hundreds of blog directories where you can submit your blog. The more directories you submit your blog too, the more visitors you will receive.

Other methods of creating traffic:

· Google Adwords. Very effective but can be very expensive depending on what topic your blog is about.

· Traffic exchange programs. Work well but are very time consuming, as you need to view other peoples websites or blogs first before you receive any visitors. Another problem with traffic exchange programs is that Google may close your Google Adsense Account if you receive traffic in this manner.

· Buy traffic. You can get tons of traffic this way, but in many cases the visitors you receive are not really interested in your blog and probably won't click on your ads.

Just a word of warning, don't click on your own ads as Google will know if you are doing this and without any warning will close your Adsense Account!

Good Luck and don't give up.

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