How to create a Highly Profitable Blog

Author: Ashley McAllister

Most people these days are getting into the internet craze about blogging, MySpace, face book, YouTube, you name it! The internet is the best place to market things these days because there are is a huge amount of people that access the internet daily today. If only most of the people that use those sites new that they were actually capable of making money from them.

For instance, let’s talk about blogging as I feel it can be the most profitable. Some people have a blog and jot down their feelings for the day in it. Well, if you were to consistently talk about a certain subject that you thought would interest others to then you would definitely be on the right path to setting up a successful blog to make money off of.

Updating your blog everyday is crucial to make sure that it stays unique and fresh especially to get ranked well in the search engines. Now, when you get a whole bunch of blogs going at one time then you most likely you won’t have the time to update them everyday as this can get hectic. Just as long as you are updating your blog at least twice a week then you should be fine.

Whenever you update your blog you are going to want to ping it to let the search engines know that you have updated your blog. The two pinging sites that I find to be helpful are Pingoat and Pingomatic. You don’t have to use both if you don’t want to, but for some reason I feel like I get more exposure that way.

Now that we got the updating and pinging part out of the way we can now talk about the fun part. Don’t think for one minute that updating your blog is enough to get people to visit your blog. Sure you will get some traffic, but why not direct thousands of people to it to get more exposure. The best way to market your blog is with articles. Just write a short little article, almost like how you put new posts. After you are done writing submit your article to a whole bunch of article directory sites that way you can get a lot of exposure.

So, now you have a good blueprint on how to get you started to make some money. Don’t forget to add your affiliate links of relative products that you could recommend to your readers to get a lot of money from.

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